VibesUP! Vibrational Therapy Products

We are excited to now offer the VibesUp Award Winning Vibrational Therapy Products powered by the natural vibrations of plant oils, therapeutic gemstones and liquid crystal coating. 

Germs, disease and negativity vibrate low while positivity, health and happiness vibrate high.  Attract uplifting energy and experiences with these natural products.

VibesUP Bracelets - These Plant Oil Coated Bracelets attract good energy and release negative energies and blockages.  Comes in 19 themes - Abundance . Balance . Clarity . Confidence . Energy . Forever Young . Health . Immune Boost . Love . Joy . Metabolism Boost . Passion . Protection . Will Power . Relief from Allergies . Depression . PMS . Pain . Stress

Earth Nurtured Ionizer Masks - Earth Ionize while you sleep, meditate or relax.  These masks contain Gemstone Spheres, Liquid Crystal, and Extracts of flowers, plants and trees.  May be helpful with puffy eyes, wrinkles, headaches or waking with a clearer mind. Available in AGEless and Divine Real Earth.

Earth Energy Squishy - These mats are excellent for clearing food & drinks of non-beneficial energy by recharging them with healthy nature balanced nurturing energy! Use for charging pet food & water, as a laptop wrist pad, to relieve pain, stiff shoulders and many other uses.

Other products include Black Tourmeline Ionic Cleansing Bar, Travel Size Smudge Kits, Chakra Bracelets, Bath Treatment Gemstone, Pocket, Pillow or Brassiere Gemstone, Essential Oil Diffusing Key Chain, Precious Oil Infused Crystal Necklace.

Stop by and see all of our VibesUp energy products!
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